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Our team, on the road

Join us on our travels as we meet with companies and explore the Asia-Pacific region, getting a true feel for the places, people and companies we invest in.

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South Korea’s remarkable transformation

Since the Korean War, South Korea has transformed from a predominantly agricultural economy to an industrial powerhouse. Initially relying on a labour advantage to produce goods cheaply, South Korea has since leveraged education and infrastructure to upgrade its capabilities - a familiar playbook seen across Asia. During a recent trip, our investment team spoke with 25 companies from a range of sectors, all aiming for sustainable earnings growth. Our key takeaway? Exciting times ahead with many new angles emerging from our discussions!


120m motorcycle drivers in Indonesia

Recently, our Asia-based team members spent time in Cikarang, an industrial area in West Java, observing operations at an automotive manufacturer creating parts for both motorcycles and cars. At abrdn Asia Focus plc we believe small caps is a great way to access the Indonesian growth story, especially given the main index’s heavy tilt towards sectors like finance. Presently, close to 10% of our portfolio is allocated to Indonesia, diversified across consumer goods, healthcare, energy and financial sectors.

Positive outlook amidst Indias elections

Positive outlook amidst India's elections

In the lead-up to India’s Parliamentary elections, our team, including Devan Kaloo and Rita Tahilramani, met with over 25 companies, affirming India’s strong growth prospects. Although the election results were unexpected for some, we view them as positive, enhancing policy stability and power balance in this major democracy. High-quality businesses in India make up about 25% of our abrdn Asia Focus portfolio, reflecting the nation’s dynamic economy.

The Beijing Auto Show 2024

Our investment team recently attended the Beijing Auto Show, delving into the electric vehicle sector’s dynamic and competitive landscape. With this industry undergoing rapid changes and expected consolidation, the expertise of management teams becomes indispensable for companies striving to adapt and thrive. abrdn Asia Focus plc is seeking to capitalise on the burgeoning electric vehicle manufacturing market by holding a stake in Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline, the leading electric vehicle gear and shaft manufacturer in China.

Computex 2024, Taipei

Taiwan is a key player in the global tech supply-chain, driving the AI revolution. At the recent Computex conference in Taipei, our team met with existing and prospective companies, benefiting from the vibrant tech ecosystem. At abrdn Asia Focus plc, we are bullish on IT companies in the Asia Pacific region. Over 23% of our portfolio was invested in this sector as of 12 June 2024, with around 15% allocated to semiconductors and hardware equipment businesses.